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100% Success

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Whether made on New Year or a random day like today – resolutions are important because the only way to move ahead in life is to set and achieve goals. Its March! Let’s see how well I’m doing on my resolutions.

So far, I am successfully keeping one out of my two New Year resolutions, 50% success rate!

Really, some advice – don’t have a list of 20 resolutions, be kind to yourself!

I’m really struggling on one resolution and doing great on the other. I’ve been thinking about it and I realise my winning resolution has two things going for it;

Not motivated by guilt

This goal was not set through the gritting of my teeth; I must! I must! I should! This just doesn’t work and nothing gets off the ground.  Why is guilt so terrible? Negative vibes take away the energy that you so desperately need to fuel your forward motion.

Look at how God does it – God demonstrated His love through His son and invites us to follow Him – Love not guilt. It is the goodness of God that leads us to repentance.

Why do you want to make more money – are you jealous of someone or do you have actual goals?

Why stop looking at porn? Is it to stop feeling guilty or do you want to please God and feel better about yourself?

Why loose weight? Is it because someone teased you or to walk easily and be healthy?

Forget about the guilt – focus on the reward for succeeding.

Choosing to take the stairs

Where I have a step by step plan, things are really moving. In my stagnant resolution, I just dreamed up a goal and waited for an elevator to ‘somehow’ get me there, I’m still on the ground floor.

Right motivation and a Plan – that’s the fuel baby!

Join me – Let’s not wait for December to feel guilty about unkept resolutions. If it has no motivation or clear plan, then its a wish.We can work to turn our wishes to goals and resolutions. 

We can achieve 100% success rate this year.

Did I hear you say yeah?



Author: Phyllis

Unravel Passion - Be Great

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