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A problem shared


Long story short, dude made him an offer, Naboth said ‘not interested’ and politely asked the King to bounce!

Meanwhile in the palace, after two hours soaking in the bathtub with goat milk and herbs from Egypt, Queen Jezebel’s scent was delicious. Her hair was perfect. The maid servant whispered a prayer for strength for what was coming next. She picked up the corset and started the process of transforming Queen Jezebel’s waist from 38” to 28”. After much screaming and yelling, the queen miraculously entered her favorite blue dress. She was ready for her weekly date with her man.

Ahab sat on the floor with his crown placed on the royal throne. He requested a funeral song from the harp player as he sat there pulling his beard. Once she saw Him, Jezebel knew the date night would not happen.

She had seen this side of him before; his depression could last days! Hell hath no fury like a Jezebel whose date has bounced after two hours in tub of goat milk. “You are the king! Stop acting like a mouse, be a man! I’ll show you how it’s done!”

Mr Ahab nice guy, the diplomat who had asked nicely and even offered to pay for the vineyard allowed Jezebel to forge a letter, get Naboth killed and soon, he owned the vineyard. On the day Ahab went to see his new vineyard, God’s judgement came swiftly to the whole family. Even before he could enjoy the grapes.

Do you have something that you want really badly?

 Be picky about who you open your heart to and share your longings.

 Especially when getting out of our comfort zone and taking a risk, doing something unfamiliar. There is someone who will open your eyes to other options and challenge you to push past obstacles while keeping you accountable to your values and God’s values.

 It’s better to hold on to an unfulfilled longing than suffer from following someone’s idea which brings out the worst in you making you do something stupid.

Ahab needed someone to tell him, “Dude, you’re the King! Plant your own vineyard or look for another one to buy.” Yes, Ahab is responsible for his choices but his wife was not much help.

Check out the story in I Kings 21.


Author: Phyllis

Unravel Passion - Be Great

2 thoughts on “A problem shared

  1. Straight to the point and entertaining! Love how you summarize the story and breakdown the message! Will be following…. Keep it up!!!


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