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moses - red sea

You have a gift; you know, that thing which on a good day will earn you money, make you friends and get you a job? It could be your temperament, talent, skill, people skills, that natural inclination etc.

Moses had a gift – he hated bad guys. Really, it’s a gift.

One day, he had just fled Egypt to start a new life in Midian. He sat down by the well because, I guess he didn’t really have anywhere else to go. As he sat there, some ladies came to water their camels before taking them home. Some ‘bad guy shepherds’ started bullying the ladies – just because they could.

Moses stood up for the girls. He tried talking to bullies but they wouldn’t reason. He drew a line in the sand and dared any of those bad guys to cross; one of them just looked at the line and after Moses was done with them, they ran leaving their flocks behind. The ladies surrounded him; saying thank you, admiring his six pack, praising the Lord etc etc. Being the gentleman, he watered their camels and became an instant celebrity. When the ladies got home, they couldn’t stop talking about the stranger.

Moses was invited to their home for dinner and he moved from fugitive to getting a home and wife just like that. His hate for bad guys had given him every blessing.

A few months earlier, the same gift had turned into a curse. He killed a bad-guy Egyptian and buried him in the sand. Pharaoh now wanted to kill him and he ran from home. He ran from everything in his life. His hate for bad guys had cost him everything.

Fast forward to his future – this hate for bad guys was really his mission in life.

God had deposited it there; Moses was built to be the deliverer of an entire nation but he had to learn to do it God’s way.

Moses’ strategy – He killed one Egyptian and buried him in the desert & became a fugitive. 

God’s way – The entire nation was saved with God showing off His love, might and power in great miracles along the way. 

You know what?

We have the dream job, relationship, business and more. The desire to be great and the gifts to do it were inbuilt at your creation. They are a pointer to your mission, your assignment, your purpose.

Like Moses, we must learn to do it God’s way. Allowing God to direct, guide, give strategy to execute. God choosing how to build your character, timing for your breakthroughs and right relationships.

You must believe that God’s way is better than your way. This means humility, obedience in surrender.

God’s best will be better than you ever dreamed but it must be done His way.  

Oh for grace to trust Him more.


Catch the original story in Exodus 2 here


Author: Phyllis

Unravel Passion - Be Great

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