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Sleepy in Troas Town



The great apostle Paul was in Troas Town – Love him or hate him, he could not be ignored. He was always a leader, initially against Him but now, His greatest preacher.

In those days, guys just met in the house where the best tea was served and that was church. In Troas Town, someone let them use a room on the third floor of his house. Just like church today, when a special guest is in town, church will be more packed than usual. All windows were open and some people even sat on the window sill.

Paul had to leave the next morning so this was the only chance – Late into the night; way past the average bedtime those days since there was no TV, Paul was still preaching, giving revelation, answering questions, encouraging, warning and testifying about what Christ was doing.

The good thing about church in someone’s house is that it’s small and the preacher can make eye contact with everyone; that’s how I know Paul saw him – a guy who was sleepy seated at the window. You know how funny it is to watch a sleepy someone trying to stay awake, dropping their head from side to side and opening their eyes wide but then they shut down in slow motion and the struggle continues.

I wonder what Paul thought when he saw the guy sleeping when he was probably explaining a deep revelation – “How dare he? Does he know how long I have fasted and prayed to prepare for this? I am also tired but I am pushing myself. This is the kind of Christian who moves the church back!”

What offends you reveals your heart.

We can’t know Paul’s thoughts but his actions show his heart – the sleepy guy actually fell out the window and broke his neck and died! Gosh! Paul ran downstairs, stretched himself over the dead guy and prayed fervently for him. The guy resurrected! Paul went back upstairs and continued preaching like nothing had happened.

If Paul had taken offense at the sleeping guy; he would probably have said his death was a warning to those who sleep in church! At the end of Paul’s overnight service, “… the people took the young man home alive and were greatly comforted.” I love how this turned into an opportunity for a great miracle. He displayed love and mercy that he was always preaching.

Don’t take offense at everything; people are just going through life – stick to your race.

You have to see the full story is in Acts 20:7 – 12 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=ACTS+20:7-12&version=NIV





Author: Phyllis

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4 thoughts on “Sleepy in Troas Town

  1. Awesome read


  2. I like! Keep ’em coming!

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  3. Yay Joyce! Glad you enjoyed it


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